Friday, 26 February 2010

Recent performances:

The Seventy Percent Bicycle (Comedy)
Irish stories inspired by Flann O’ Brien. An afternoon of wit and laughter.

"Have you ever thought about the molecule theory? Well, with all the molecules bouncing around inside of everything, it would be surprising if some of them didn't get mixed up with each other wouldn't it? So, if you ride a bicycle over the bumpy roads here, some of your molecules get into the bicycle and some of the molecules of the bicycle get into you. Multiply that by a few years and you could be 70% bicycle and - vice versa!"

This and other oddities including "The patent porter trousers", The Lost Weekend", "The merits of water tanks for hiding Guinness from the wife", "Pianoforte or fiddle?" and "The Bad Knee" will help you laugh off your worries with a pint of Guinness or a cup of tea or coffee.

Stories from Ireland
Ireland is well known for its music. It’s stories have the same wild beauty. This is a performance of 3 of the best known:
Oisin in Tir Na Nog, son of Finn MacCool, hero, poet & singer of the Fianna is the only person ever to have gone to Tir Na Nog who returned to tell the tale.
The Twelve Wild Geese about a queen who wanted a daughter at any cost and The Children of Lir, a tale often taken as an allegory of Ireland’s own story.