Monday, 7 January 2013

Friday 22nd March 8pm


Kulturhaus Eppendorf
Julius-Reincke-Stieg 13a (ehemals Martinistr.40), 
20251 Hamburg
€14,- (€10,- concessions)

A mystery, a ghost story and a thriller, all in one. The court of King Arthur. A feast is about to begin. Enter a green knight. He challenges one of Arthur's knights to cut off his head. Simple. There's only one catch. The knight who does this must allow his own head to be cut off in a year's time. Sir Gawain takes up the challenge... 

In April:

Stories of (April) Fools &
'Jack' Stories
Friday April 19th 2013 8pm
Kulturhaus Eppendorf
Julius-Reincke-Stieg 13a (ehemals Martinistr.40), 20251 Hamburg
€14,- (€10,- concessions)